Palisso Roll Rute


Pituus 410mm ja kädensijan paksuus 18mm

Paini n. 50g


Varasto loppu


Palisso Roll Rute kapulamainen ”risukeppi” Erinomainen kapulamainen tatsi antaa soittajalle uusia soundi-variaatioita lyömäsoittimille.

KATSO VIDEO by Markku Reinikainen

Valmistajan sivuilta:

That way we are able to set the right proportions between the sound of the instrument and the sound of roll rute as well as the intensity of sound. In the loudness scale , compared with other Palisso Percussion rods, the Roll Rute has its place between the ordinary MEDIUM-HARD bamboo rod and the KOMBI-SOFT brush. Thanks to using a highly durable handle components, it is possible to play with this part too, without worry of damaging it and with the comfort of playing when holding an oval handle. The Roll rute have a very good repetition , so playing roll, flams or drags with them is not a problem at all.

These rods are made of naturally hewed bamboo wood, which has been double hardened. Every single stick has the shape of elliptic tile and they are wound around the bamboo core. This type of rod is addressed to the percussionists who are looking for light and very durable rod giving a brand new , unique sound. When playing on a cymbal, the sound timbre is enriched with so called ”stick” effect resulting from hitting each individual tile against the other. The movable rubber band ,as being strike-resistant ,makes it possible to regulate the distance between individual tiles.



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Palisso Roll Rute

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